Once Upon a Time.

I am not alone in this. We are all feeling the sting of a fast changing world. Although we make light of these situations in clever meme’s on social media, the fact remains that our present day is clouded in diseases and hate while our future lingers in uncertainty. My heart aches for not only my child, but for every child navigating this mess of reality and I fear more than anything, that these priceless, most cherished moments of our past may never be shared in their memories.

When friends and families could gather. When we could laugh, touch, hug and love without fear of catching, or even worse, spreading the invisible killer called COVID-19. Did we appreciate these moments enough?

Did we hug them all goodbye this trip? And… when will we be able to hug them again?

When a race was something to win and not a losing battle between the skin complexions of humanity. Now… the very flesh that is meant to protect us has become the weapon which tears us apart. These moments I will treasure forever… the people I love in our rainbow of happiness.

When our churches could worship hand in hand. Pray hand in hand. And witness unmasked face to face.

When we could visit our loved ones in their nursing facilities and they were not forced to die alone.

When we could gather in classrooms, teach children together and play. Will our children remember this unity? When will they be able to be children again?

When our grandmothers spent free time making quilts… before they worked tirelessly with numb hands to make masks for their loved ones protection.

We will long for these days until we find them again. We will meet loneliness, hopelessness and we will feel defeated. This is when we pray. This is when we find our faith. In the silence of quarantine, we listen to our heart, we search our souls and hear what God has to say. When the sun rises and the cloud still lingers, remember that no problem is to big and ‘because he lives’, we can face tomorrow.

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