A Vow With No Words.

The seasons of life are always changing. We cycle through the years, people come and go, reality sets in and we grow into the mature, deeply rooted person that we are destined to become.

I do not own rights to this song or album. All rights reserved to the artist and publishers

I could never count the people who have crossed my path, leaving only a faint memory, never to be seen again. I have lost relationships, friends, family and numerous people I would have never imagined my life without… but, not you.

You have been one of the few most ever-present forces of love in my life. We have stumbled through the years like two flowers, struggling to survive. But, every time I started to wither, you were there to bring me back to life.

In my greatest accomplishments, you were my biggest fan. In my darkest moments, you were my light. From the countless memories to the biggest life changes… you were there. You watched me take the wrong path and you watched me turn around. You were beside me when I was married and you were there the moment I learned I was going to be a Mom. You drove me 3,000 miles when I moved away from my home, leaving everything and everyone I had ever known behind. You knew I was scared and you stayed until I wasn’t. You spent many sleepless nights awake with my newborn as I struggled through the first few months of motherhood.

Nobody’s perfect and I know every flaw you possess, but there is nothing that could change my loyalty to you. No person I know can speak to my soul with only a glance. Nobody but you has ever completed my sentences, or knew my next thought. We’ve never had to say it, how devoted we are… it’s our “vow with no words”… it’s the beat of my heart and every breath I take. You are my soul mate, and as long as I’m living… I “Vow With No Words”.

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