Judgments of a Sinner

I caught myself yesterday mid post on Facebook, when I realized that my rant of seemingly sanctimonious words were a complete contradiction to the point that I was trying to make. The topic was fueled by personal experiences within my job and life in general, in which I had noticed an overwhelming degree of judgment. People being shunned for reasons that were, in my opinion, unfair and even downright cruel. I intend to carry out this topic of discussion and release my feelings on this matter, but I am going to do so by first admitting that I understand that if this shoe fits, I may very well be judging you. And i’m okay with that. This is my objective, and my goal is to help even one person to take the feelings of other humans into consideration.

I have seen an influx over the years of materialism and egotistical behavior. But, whatever. If you choose to spend your life on a never ending quest for the best and most elite of the tangible things… so be it. That doesn’t mean that I would ever “shun” you, although, I most likely will roll my eyes every time I read your petty Facebook posts about the $400 hair color that you recently received which turned out to be more of a caramel color rather than mocha. Let me be real with you… It bugs me immensely.

My issue does not arise with people who boast and brag… they’re a dime, a dozen. I can totally deal with that. Where my judgment really lies, is with the ones who fail to treat all people as equals. The ones who brag about their charity work. The ones who dodge a homeless person. The ones who claim their life to be richly blessed yet unintentionally make someone feel beneath them, every single day. Those folks who turn their backs on a person because of their struggles, yet never extend a lending hand to help them. The ones who will stand up for an applause and to claim their prize, although, the man next to them is the one who is truly deserving.

As a realtor, I see this in business… All. The. Time. Aspiring to be successful is the very key to that success and I admire those who reach for the stars… just not at the expense of others. For example: Many realtors have claimed their name in the game as “Luxury” property specialist, and they simply do not entertain the rest. Maybe it’s just their niche, I get it. But what about when the well runs dry someday in the luxury property market? Are you willing to bear the stress and intense emotion of sitting with a farmer and his family as they are being forced to sell the family homestead established centuries ago? The same applies to mortgage lenders; if I refer my clients to you, who are battling terminal illness, for the purpose of purchasing a home for their child (a home that they can afford on their tight budget)… are you going to push them onto the back burner in their moments of vulnerability because their loan amount is on the lower end and therefor so is your profit from them?

These are the people that I am guilty of judging, myself. Everyone has their own dreams, goals and aspirations. Equally so, we all have our own reality. I can respect people and their beautifully lavish lifestyle, I can respect the homeless veteran, the struggling addict, the single mother and anyone else who crosses my path. But, when someone, either intentionally or not, offends another human in an effort to make themselves feel in some way “better” or more adequate… that is where I have a problem.

I could ramble on this topic for the rest of today and into tomorrow. Instead, I wish only to appeal to the sensibilities of anyone who reads this blog post. Let’s let go of the racial disputes; do not offend those of another race, and do not be offended. Do not boast in your wealth or power, and do not be envious of those more fortunate. Do not claim perfection, for perfection is not ours to own. Reach out and lend a hand to those in need without an expectation of self gratification. Be humble, be kind and make a constant and conscious effort to treat everyone the same.

As I admitted in the beginning of this post, this is My objective.. these are My feelings, My thoughts and My opinions. Take from it what you will with the understanding that these are merely the judgments of an imperfect sinner on the quest to a better “me”.

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