The Strength of a Humble Heart

1. having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance

Have you ever known someone who touched your soul so deeply that the thought of them brought to mind one single, powerful word? When I think of Mrs. Janis, that word is Humble.

I was blessed to meet Mrs. Janis many years ago when I was just a small child sitting in her Sunday school class. She is our pastor’s wife, our pianist, choir director, children’s church teacher and So much more.

There is something so special about her and I have learned with age exactly what that is… she is the most humble person I have ever met. I can remember her singing in an angelic tone at the front of our small little church and the words that she spoke have stuck with me for my entire life, “Lord, keep me in your will, so I won’t be in your way”.

No matter what trials I went through, what mistakes I made in life or no matter how far I strayed… She was always a constant presence of humble love who could speak to my soul without saying a word and I never remember feeling one ounce of judgment from her sweet spirit. These types of people are rare.

I watched in fear from the “background” as she battled cancer a few years ago and never have I seen before such strength and dignity from a person who had been cast into such a tragic situation. I envy that strength of hers, but I also learn from it.

Now that I am a mother, very few things give me as much joy as the sight of my little boy walking down the isle each Sunday to grab her hand for children’s church. The hand of the most pure love. The hand that has never stopped teaching, demonstrating and relying on the Love of God.

Thank you to my Mrs. Janis and each person just like her who has the ability to touch our lives so deeply and never really understand just how much they mean to us. Thank you for loving me, for praying for me, for teaching me and mostly for showing me how to be the most sincere form of humble.

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