Small Girl Problems

Have you tried hundreds of diets, spent time in gyms and changed your lifestyle to manage your weight? So have I, only my objective is and always has been to gain weight.

Now before you give me an eye roll and dismiss my every word, just hear me out. Whether your struggle is the same as mine or the polar opposite of losing weight, the fact that many people struggle with appearance is a commonality that brings us together in many ways.

From the time that I turned 18, any age restricted task in life was an absolute gamble for me. I’ve had bouncers accuse me of having a fake ID, people look me up and down and most recently I was not allowed to buy myself night time cold medicine without my drivers license present. It bugs me, but I do get it. I am 110 pounds soaking wet, i’m about 5’3″ with two pair of socks on and I have an all around youthful appearance.

Oh, lucky me right? Not exactly. Although I have become accustomed to the old Southern saying, “you’re not as big as a minute”… and I understand that this seems like a blessing (and maybe it is), but I also know with a definite certainty that it has always made life a little more difficult for me.

  1. Finding clothes to actually fit my small stature, particularly age appropriate attire, has always been tough.
  2. I am the proud mother of a 45 pound and growing toddler who I am officially having trouble carrying if need be.
  3. I have been plagued by many medical issues due to my weight including anemia, a lower immune system and vitamin deficiencies.

After 28 years of life, I have learned to cope with the majority of my “small girl problems”. As a matter of fact, it was not until I started my dream career and became a Realtor that I began to really feel the sting of my youthful appearance.

Now, in all fairness… I understand the importance of choosing an appropriate real estate professional. After all, buying a home is the single largest investment that most people will make in a lifetime. With big decisions come big responsibilities for those entrusted to assist the buyers or sellers. The unfortunate truth of the matter is, appearance does make a difference when people choose a Realtor. At first glance of myself, I could understand people not immediately assuming that I am an excellent source of knowledge and experience in the Real Estate industry. I most likely appear to be fresh on the scene and that would understandably not be most clients first pick.

Truth is, however, I have been blessed to have started working in the real estate industry about 7 years ago. Although I began my career path as an assistant to some of South Carolina’s top producing agents, it has afforded me a wealth of knowledge that I could have never gained without the first hand experience and personal training. When I took the licensing course, I breezed through and passed with flying colors, mostly because of the knowledge I acquired from several years of working hands on with buyers and sellers. There was also the very great advantage of growing up with a mother who also happened to be a top producing real estate agent. Real Estate was in my blood, and a huge part of my childhood.

I do not look at my physique as my downfall. In fact, I have chosen to embrace my appearance as my own unique quality. Although I will have a little more of an uphill battle in face to face meetings with prospective clients, I have concluded that this is simply a fact that I will have to combat. This means for me, an aggressive marketing approach and taking every opportunity I find to ride the coat tails of my colleagues and get my name out there. In spite of my conflicting figure, I am more determined than ever to be the face of knowledge and ethical real estate practice in my community, and I know that this will inevitably be the attitude that opens the door to my own success.

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