When Rocks Start to Crumble

On a warm summer day

there was born a sweet child.

She grew up hard, she grew up fast,

She grew up strong and wild.

Eventually becoming a pillar of strength,

She’s devoted her life

to creating others’ peace.

But what does she do

when she’s about to crash and burn?

Who does she lean on

and to whom can she turn?

Her answer is simple,

its certain and clear.

She clings to God’s love,

he eases her fear.

He created her beauty

from the inside to the out.

He’s holds her hand daily

and to that there’s no doubt.

So to those that so love her

and rely on her strength,

remember she’s human

and human’s need breaks.

So pray for her desperately

and love her so deep.

Comfort her, cherish her

and listen to her weep.

For we know when it’s over

and God pulls her through,

Her honest devotion will

come right back to you.

She’s a friend, she’s a fighter

and an unconditional lover.

She’s my rock and my hope,

but she’s mostly my mother.

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