Working With a Toddler in Tow

Chances are, today will begin just like any other… we wake up, we hustle to get ourselves together and we rush off to work. Work; our commonplace, seems to be where the majority of our time and lives are spent.

If you’re like me, you fully understand the concept of “there aren’t enough hours in the day”. I get so overwhelmed at times with the stress of simple time restraints. Being a Realtor, a lot of my work is done from home and/or with a toddler in tow. At first glance this may seem like a gift, to have him with me all the time and in many ways it really is a blessing. However, there are days that it seems so unfair to both him and myself.

When I choose to focus on my job, I’m forced to tell my 3 year old over and over “Just a minute, mommy has to work” or “Hang on baby, mommy has to make a phone call”. These statements bring me an incredible sense of guilt. So when I choose to focus on him, inevitably it is my work that will suffer.

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place has become natural to me. I am learning slowly that I can absolutely not do it all. After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to shift my goals from either one aspect or another, to include both. I had to learn that at the end of the day, it is okay if I did not accomplish it all. There may be a dish in the sink or basket full of laundry, but that is absolutely okay. As long as my little boy is happy and healthy, my career remains successful and I can maintain something that closely resembles a comfortable life, I’m doing my job/s.

Take this from my experience and apply it to your own life… There is always tomorrow. If your heart is telling you to but the work aside for a moment to enjoy your babies, then for goodness sake, cherish those moments! I can promise you that there will be a never ending supply of work for years to come, but babies don’t keep. They really do grow so fast.

If you are like me, finding it hard to juggle it all… take a step back for a moment and look at your own life from the outside. When you do I can imagine you will find comfort in knowing there is no real disarray. You are more in control than you realize and life is not so tough. Manage your time by instinct and your life with love. You can’t go wrong.

The moral of my story is: Your best is enough. Count your blessings and be grateful for each moment, each in its own beautiful chaos. Life is full of struggles and there will be moments that you feel completely stretched thin… stop in those moments and listen to your heart. Instinct is a magical force of human nature that will not steer you wrong. Work hard; love harder, and be the confident empowered person that you were created to be.

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