In the Wake of Hurricane Florence

The Southern Realtor

The start of 2019 for many people in my home town will begin unlike any other… in an attempt to regain, rebuild and recover from what was the worst week of my 28 years of life; the week of Hurricane Florence.

This satellite image provided by NOAA shows Hurricane Florence off the eastern coast of the United States on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. (NOAA via AP)

We’ve been through many storms, and the preparation was the same as all others before her… we began the boarding of windows, tying down anything loose outside, and getting the generators ready. Only this time, the threat level was very high and it hit us very fast. We were looking at a massive storm that could potentially hit us on the East Coast at a Category 5. This reality of coarse, created panic almost statewide and residents began to face the difficult decision of…

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